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Youth Engagement

Lessons Learned
Advocacy Guide
Lesson Plans

The following materials are no longer for sale in hardcopy form.  Supply is limited and not guaranteed.  Project LEAN may revise these valuable tools and release updated versions in 2015.


Food on the Run: Lessons from a Youth Nutrition and Physical Activity Campaign (Download)

This guide provides real life examples of how Food on the Run, a California-based project worked with youth advocates to make healthy eating and physical activity easier to do at their schools. This document describes the steps for implementing a nutrition and physical activity youth advocacy program.  Chapter topics include:  recruiting and working with teens, training teens on physical activity and nutrition, taking action for change and many more.

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Playing the Policy Game (English/Spanish)

This toolkit highlights nutrition and physical activity policies in the school and community that teens can pursue with adult guidance. The booklet includes a collection of activities and success stories of California teens making nutrition and physical activity policy changes in their communities.  Playing the Policy Game outlines activities which drive the policy change process. Each step of the process is described in detail. 
Reviewed and highly recommended in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
Reeves Tuttle, C. Educational Materials in Review. J of Nutr Educ. 2002; 34(1):65-66.

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Jump Start Teens (Download the Entire Guide)

Jump Start Teens is a series of eight lesson plans for use with teens; the lesson plans are real-life and cross-curricular and will educate and encourage students to eat healthy, keep moving, and take action.  The lesson plans were updated in 2007 to include the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Spanish-language worksheets, and updated media resources.  Jump Start Teens reinforces your curriculum with: 

  • Complete, easy-to-follow lessons and worksheets are teacher and student tested. 
  • Creative, stand-alone activities integrate nutrition and physical activity with language arts, math, science, social studies and more!
  • Most hands-on lessons are short, easily taught in one class period, with links to community service through optional extensions.
  • Lessons support team building among teachers, coaches and nutritional staff, as well as parents, local business, and the greater community.

To download and view each Jump Start Teens lesson, click below: