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Captive Kids: Selling Obesity at Schools.  An Action Guide to Stop the Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages in School

The Captive Kids: Selling Obesity at Schools tool kit addresses the issue of marketing unhealthy foods and beverages on California school campuses. While geared toward California health advocates, this tool kit may also be useful to health advocates outside of California. Captive Kids includes information on:

  • Marketing to children and youth through schools
  • Key steps to develop policy that addresses marketing at schools
  • Answers to legal questions
  • Talking points, case studies, fact sheets, and additional resources

This tool kit was produced as a result of the growing public concern over the obesity epidemic and the role that marketing plays in establishing eating patterns.

California youth, like their peers across the country, continue to face a serious nutrition and physical activity crisis. This is why California Project LEAN along with other health advocates believe that schools should serve as a safe haven from unhealthy food messages and are calling for restrictions on advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages to children and youth.

California Project LEAN identified and quantified the types of marketing and advertising on selected California school district campuses.  See full report below (Food and Beverage Marketing on California High School Campuses).

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School Food and Beverage Marketing Assessment Tool (Download)

This tool assesses food and beverage advertising in schools. The results of this assessment will be useful to health professionals and educators who are concerned about children’s health and the types of food messages they are exposed to in schools.

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Food and Beverage Marketing on High School Campuses Survey

Fact Sheet (English/Spanish)
Frequently Asked Questions (English/Spanish) 

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Food and Beverage Marketing on California High School Campuses: Findings and Recommendations