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Smart Snacks in School Rule

Smart Snacks in School Rule
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) just released 'Smart Snacks in Schools' Interim Final Rule is a great opportunity for schools across the nation to adopt minimum nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold outside the school meal programs, often referred to as competitive foods and beverages as they are sold in competition with the school meal programs. A key component of the USDA rule is that states and local school districts can keep or adopt standards that are stricter than the federal standards. This is especially important in California as we don't want to lose momentum on the strides school districts have made to implement California’s standards.  In many instances, school districts have opted to go above and beyond California's legislated nutrition standards.

Below are some links to key resources to keep you informed of this proposed rule.

To learn more about the Interim Final Rule and for Related Resources:
To review comments on the proposed federal regulation by California Project LEAN of the Public Health Institute (click here) 
If you missed the March 14, 2013 webinar to Compare California Competitive Food and Beverage Standards with the Proposed Federal Standards, scroll down to the bottom of the link below to listen to the webinar and view webinar resources, including comparison charts of the standards, a PowerPoint and proposed comments from California Project LEAN of the Public Health Institute:
If you missed the USDA's Smart Snacks in School Rule: What You Need to Know webinar on Feb. 14, 2013:
Background Information on Competitive Foods and Beverages
How can healthier school snacks and beverages improve student health and help school budgets?
California Case Studies of School Districts that Adopted Stricter Competitive Food and Beverage Standards than Required
School Foods Sold Outside of Meals (Competitive Foods) Brief
Health Impact Assessment: National Nutrition Standards for Snack and a la Carte Foods and Beverages Sold in Schools
CDC's Competitive Foods State Policy Analysis
CDC's fact sheet on the financial implications of strong competitive foods standards
Link to a blog written by California Project LEAN and the Public Health Institute: